In the wood


This weekend I am with a friend at his small house up in the Hudson valley. Outside of my trip up to Woodstock a couple of years ago, this is my only trip upstate. (Note to self: you really need to do this more, there is a whole world close-by outside the city.) My friend’s house is in a fairly secluded area, with woods all around and no bullshit an actual babbling brook nearby. On the property is part of an abandoned railway track and trestle, also kind of cool. Looking out from his house I kind of assumed the woods had always been here but then he pointed out to me that there is a lot of history in this place, it was cleared a couple of hundred years ago or more and was pasture and farming land. This growth is much newer, and it was fascinating to walk around the property and see clues to the past land use over time, and how nature (or some modified form of it) reclaims and reshapes a place, different than before.