The Epic of American Civilization


My friend Jonathan has been showing me around Hanover and Dartmouth College, which I am enjoying as a kind of other worldly break from the hustle-bustle that is NYC. I will stay here until tomorrow, then take the bus back across three states (Vermont, Massachusetts  and Connecticut) to get home.

Dartmouth is a very peaceful and lovely place that also kinda reeks of upper class privilege. There is a nice mix of buildings from various eras, my favorites being the oldest ones, as they have an interesting boxy scale to them I haven’t seen much elsewhere. In the basement of one of the buildings on campus my friend Jonathan showed me one of Dartmouth’s greatest art treasures: A mural by the Mexican social realist Orozco. I am really not much a fan (aesthetically) of this type of art, but the subject matter was pretty fascinating nonetheless. And the subversive nature of the mural in the face of all this wealth and power (Dartmouth has only about 6000 students and endowment of about 3.5 billion dollars) tickled me, I have to admit.