A voice crying out in the wilderness


My wonderful friend Jonathan (who, between his sojourns in Italy and busy work schedule I don’t get to see nearly as often as I would like) has accepted a teaching position at Dartmouth for the next few months. Never having been to New Hampshire, and always loving a road trip, I readily agreed to help him with his move to take up residence there (Hanover). We head out in a couple of hours, and I will spend the weekend in the frigid temperatures, hanging out with my friend and helping him get settled in. Since this is obviously barren wilderness, I assume we will be chopping our own wood and skinning and eating whatever small animals we find in the forest. I doubt they will have internet or running water or indoor toilets, but I remain hopeful. (My point being: don’t expect blog updates, treat them as the luxury item they are should they arrive.)

Should I survive, I will return via opulent, Wifi equipped bus on Monday evening.