The Walking Dead


I had a dermatologist appointment this morning down in TriBeCa. Given the time of day (this is rush hour) the subway was somewhat full of people on their way to work. And when I got off and walked to the dr’s office, I was confronted by a wall of dark coats, pants and skirts, making their way in plodding unison towards their various work stations. It was not unlike a scene from that old great silent film, Metropolis, and it was more than the winter season being upon us that gave me a chill. There are of course positives and negatives to any career choice, but seeing this army of similarly dressed, grey faced people, marching in zombie like steps towards the office, I felt very grateful indeed for the flexibility my work environment affords me.


  1. Ken Zachmann says:

    I’ve thought the same thing when I have to travel during the morning commuting hrs. I think the post-holiday hangover feeling and freezing cold only makes it worse. I’m grateful for a flex schedule too!