Gun nuts


Today is one of those days when you have to be really sad about something deeply ingrained in the American character. That would be our insane love of guns. For the second time in a week, a gunman opened fire in a public place, killing innocents. And today it was even more horrific, as the targets were young children at school.  So far the reports are of 27 people killed in this particular rampage. While it is true that an insane person can wreak havoc just about anywhere in the world, here in the US those rampages happen with much more deadly force, almost always involving firearms.  Why is it that gun violence in the US is so much higher than other countries? Apart from having a culture that glorifies violence, the obvious answer is: the easy availability of guns.


  1. Angela Carr says:

    Gun control is the most pressing domestic policy issue as far as I am concerned. I want my president to draw a line in the sand today. Enough is enough. The NRA has politicians so fearful of speaking out and it reminds me of when people were afraid to speak out against slavery.