My old friend Troy is in town and staying with me for a couple of days. He is heading out for a 6 week trip to Israel and Istanbul, and is just passing through New York for a couple of days. Troy and I have known each other for about 27 years, when we were both students at the University of Cincinnati. We crossed paths a bit throughout our school years and in the various places we were living (notably London and New York) but didn’t really get to know each other well until Troy moved to San Francisco in 1994 and became my roommate for a few months. Troy still lives in SF, and just left Apple after working there for 6 years. I get the sense he is looking to re-connect with his former, pre corporate, more free-spirited self. Troy is one of the most talented designers I know and I am looking forward to seeing what this new phase will mean for him creatively. I am a big fan of change and renewal, I think it keeps the creative juices flowing and keeps us engaged with the world, so I think this trip will be a very good one for him. We have had a nice visit and catching up over the past couple of days, he takes off for the Mysterious Orient later today. Good luck, Troy.