Back to blog.


Let’s face it, I have been a mostly absent blogger the last couple of months. I would blame the incredible amount of work I have, but the reality is I just haven’t been super motivated (for much of anything really) the last several weeks. Still, I know from experience that sometimes just doing something anyway causes excitement and engagement when one is a little out of it. (I believe another term for this is “fake it until you make it”.) So, with this post, I am officially relaunching and dedicating myself to blogging every day, no matter how inane or dull the subject matter or my take on it. I do have a small store of experiences from the past several weeks to write about (my recent trip to Spa Castle, Thanksgiving stories, and cutting the cord among them) so stay tuned for those and the inevitable tales from the dark side (otherwise known as “dating”) that are sure to follow.