One month later…


All good things must come to an end. And other good things must begin. This year’s epic travel was thoroughly enjoyable, and I really felt that I learned a lot from the places I visited. I write this from the airplane on my way back to New York, after a full month outside the US. This trip was exactly what I needed, in so many ways. It was relaxing, it was challenging, and most importantly it shook things up and made me look at the world in a new way again. Each year, when I travel to some place I have never been, I realize that it almost does not matter where I go per se, but that I go. Forcing myself out of my normal routine, experiencing the new, shaking up my habits — these are the things that invigorate my life, and it is why I do them as much as possible. It is in the break from tradition and routine and ritual, and the exposure to new ones that I find the most meaning in life’s experiences. The old ones that I go back to, the new ones I integrate, and the ones I let go or modify with new information.

I come back to a heavy work schedule, but feel not at all daunted or bothered by this. I feel invigorated by the past few weeks and ready for a new look at both old and new projects in my life, whether they be professional or personal. Onward.