Hamam II


The hotel we are staying in is attached to a really beautiful centuries-old hamam fed by natural hot springs. Along with our hotel booking we had the right to a visit, so we went yesterday evening. What a difference this place was from the last one I went to! This one had several rooms, all large and in beautiful shape. After hanging out in the main one with its hot pool and alternating rinsing, we decided to go for a scrub. These guys obviously take delight in smacking the tourists around a bit, and occasionally make very loud noises that echo through the hamam by loudly slapping their sandpaper like gloves on the patrons as they scrub. My guy in particular seemed to relish digging his elbows into my back and scrubbing furiously to remove the top layer (or two) of my skin. And in the brief pauses between exfoliating me he would throw buckets of boiling water at my face. After the final rinse off, we were dressed up again like the last hamam I was in (but in a more manly fashion) and headed off to the well appointing cooling off room, with its recliners and beautiful domed space. I felt refreshed and relaxed, if slightly beaten up. If you are ever in Bursa, I highly recommend this hamam.