A rainy day at the politburo bath house


Since we needed to checkout from our hotel in Istanbul today anyway, Olaf and I decided to take a quick trip to a nearby city. My friend Emre suggested we check out Bursa, so we hastily booked a hotel (attached to the historic baths) and a boat trip. This morning the weather was pretty crappy with rain and the seas were a bit rough, with more than a few green faces to go around on the boat. We were supposed to then connect to a bus when we got to the port, but just hopped in a cab and made our expensive way to the hotel here, which is not exactly centrally located, but is rather on a hill about 7km from the town center. Pretty much everything about this place is just slightly off, but in a way that makes me giggle non stop. Even though it was recently renovated, the decor and feel of the place is very retro socialist chic, the kind of place  I imagine politburo members would have vacationed to in the early 70s. As it is raining rather heavily, we decided we would wait til tomorrow to see the town, so we took a walk around the rather sad neighborhood we are in, treated ourselves to some kebab and the disbelieving stares of the locals. Later we will go to the historic baths (they are luckily included in the price of of our stay) and perhaps even agree to a vigorous scrubbing by some burly Bursian body worker, stay tuned.


  1. André says:

    Don’t expect a SPA…but worth to go! I loved it!!!