If only you had arrived 4 days ago…


Olaf and I thought we would take in the Princes Islands today, and we were told that it is better to take the fast boat, as that would give us a lot more time there. After checking their website, we found that we had many times to choose from, so we made our way down to catch the 11am fast ferry. When we got there, and went to the counter to buy our ticket, the man informed us that the next one was at 6pm. When I showed him the screenshot I had taken of the ferry times, where it was clearly marked that there were several ferries between now and then, he smiled and nodded and told us cheerfully that this information was no longer correct. That ferry schedule was only valid in the summer, and apparently summer in Turkey end on September 16th, as opposed to the rest of the world where its last day is the 20th. I helpfully suggested that they might want to update their website, and he smiled and nodded as if I were the insane one for relying on something so ephemeral as a website schedule.