Hagia Sofia mini me


Rather unfairly I think, I have come down with a cold the last two days, and it has made me cranky. I am not good as a sick person. Nevertheless, we took a few hours yesterday to walk through some new (to me) parts of the old city and visited a place called Küçuk Ayasofya (Little Hagia Sofia), which I absolutely loved. It is called the Little Hagia Sofia because it is thought to resemble the larger one and could have been used as the testing ground for it, as it was built a few years prior. While there are a few similarities, I really didn’t find it as alike as the name would imply. What we saw was not close to what the original must have been like, except in the floor plan and spacial arrangement, as it has undergone many changes and a recent restauration to repair earthquake damage. But still, I loved it.