More notes on Istanbul


– Maybe it is all the water around, but people seem to absolutely love fishing here. I see them on every bridge and near every body of water.

– There are a lot of older wooden houses here that kinda remind me of the Victorian ones that are scattered around San Francisco.

– The public transit system is surprisingly easy to use here, and all of it seems quite new and updated. And the underground metro part of the system (as opposed to the above ground trams) seems to have been dug by the same engineering guiding principles as the ones in London. That is to say, they are crazy deep in the ground, I swear we are near the magma.

– A very high, statistically unlikely, number of men on gay dating websites here claim to be bisexual.

– And speaking of websites, when I first got here I noticed that a number of them were being blocked by the government. As I have read up on it, it seems that Turkey, while not in the same league as China or Iran, is still up there in the amount of things it chooses to censor. Fortunately, it is very easy to get around most blocked sites by merely changing one’s DNS address, and my friends tell me this is very widely done here.

Lokum is a greater scourge than opium, if you ask me.