Welcome. Eat. Istanbul.


After other dinner plans fell through, I called up my friend Emre (who I met in New York when he was there for three months in 2009) and he came to meet me for a little walkabout and dinner. And what a fantastic welcome to Istanbul it was. Emre and I share a love of great food, and back in 2009 I was showing him all manner of NYC restaurants. Last night he took me to a really excellent one here and I told him to order whatever he thought we should try and this was the delicious result:

OMG, everything above was so good! (It probably didn’t hurt that I was starving and had been eating only small amounts of crap airline/airport food all day). We had two kinds of salad, some amazing dolma, a meat and rice dish, and maybe the best kefta I have ever had.

After that we took a little walk around my neighborhood (Taksim) and area close-by, and he took me to a kind of hidden rooftop restaurant (well, there was no noticeable sign out front anyway) for a coffee and fantastic view over the Bosphorus. He then suggested we go out to a club close to my place, but I was so beat (had been up since 5am for my flight after all) that we called it a night and I hit the bed like a stone. This morning and afternoon we will explore the Sultanahmet area.

I already get the feeling I am going to love it here in Istanbul.