See you next time, Mykonos


I have to say that I really enjoyed my week’s stay in Mykonos, it was relaxing and fun. I made a few new friends and spent some quality time with my friend Arnaud. I think if I were to go again (and I can very well imagine I will), I might arrange things a little differently. The logic of this place is very group heavy, and although I had a great time with Arnaud I think larger groups in the context of Mykonos are more fun for everyone, because there are many more interactions and stories to tell. Kind of like Fire Island, a group (or house) dynamic can really make a vacation that much more wonderful. We were lucky to spend a couple of evenings in the company of some of Arnaud’s friends from London  and I had a great time getting to know them a little. As for transportation, I was actually fairly happy with my ATV choice, it felt like a good compromise between the safety of a (closed and more difficult to park) car and the game of Russian roulette that a scooter+Mykonos appears to be. I also really enjoyed riding it in the beautiful open air of the island and the unimpeded view it afforded me of this very beautiful place. As I mentioned before, this is one of the first beach vacations where I actually enjoyed my time on the beach. This is entirely because the climate means it was super comfortable and I wasn’t sweating like a pig the entire time. Add to that the crystal clear water and easy swimming (I think in part due to the very salty/buoyant Mediterranean) and this is a place I definitely want to come back to.