A Breeze


It sure is easier to relax on a beach when one isn’t always sweating like a pig. The air here is dry and there is always a breeze, making a day of lounging at the beach a more pleasant experience than any other beach I can remember. The last couple days we have been doing just that, plus having drinks and dancing with the bevy of gays that seem to love this place so much, eating, and riding around a bit on our scooters. Speaking of scooters, I decided to rent one of those four wheel ATV things instead, they are slightly more expensive and slower, but feel a whole lot safer to me. (And despite Arnaud’s evident disappointment with my choice slowing him down, I felt completely justified when on the first day of driving around we passed an ambulance, scooping the remains of some young Italian scooter driver off the side of the road where he had crashed.) Our drive to the beach is a particularly beautiful one, on back roads with some really fantastic views from the hills. I will try to take a few photos of it today or tomorrow and post.


  1. Robert Bentley says:

    Take care, 4 wheel ATV have a high center of gravity and will
    tip over under certain conditions. The 3 wheel versions are much
    more stable. (Like 3 and 4 leg stools)