I arrived in Mykonos 2 days ago and it is a really lovely place. (I am still a bit low energy from the time adjustment or heat stroke or I don’t know what, I really need to get it together.) The old town is a crazy labyrinth of postcard images, and although a little touristy (ok, a lot touristy) still really beautiful. I came to meet my old friend Arnaud, who comes to Mykonos quite often and really knows the place well. Apart from the old town, we rented transportation and went across the island to a couple of beautiful beaches. Although it is quite hot here, it is also blissfully arid with a lot of wind, so you don’t really feel the heat so much, (except in the middle of the day that is). Here are some first photos, I will write more when I can gather my thoughts, for now I am relaxing and brain dead.

From Mykonos


  1. Blake says:

    What are those windmill like things?