Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch


Other than testicles, I don’t really carry any of the above. But it is a good mental exercise to try to remember all the crap one needs to pack and carry when one leaves the house for a short errand. In my case, trying to remember everything I will need on my month long vacation is almost impossible without lists. Passport and tickets, of course, but also figuring out what to take (how much can I cram into a carry-on and still be ok for a month of travel?), toiletries, devices (computer, phone, iPad?), cleaning out the fridge and emptying the garbage, unplugging everything non-essential, building/apt instructions, earplugs/sleeping pills, and the list goes on. And then there were all the appointments to have before leaving, and the last meetings and meals with friends. To say nothing of the last minute work crush as every client I have ever known (and a few new ones) needed something done before I took off.

But that is all behind me now. I head to the airport in a few short hours. And if I am lucky, sometime tomorrow I will be presented with something like this:


  1. Mom says:

    Travel safely and have a great time.