Where is Stephen the geek?


As I was blogging the other day about where I am going on my next trip, I took a quick screenshot of a google map and embedded it, which prompted a question from my friend Gabe about why I was not using a real interactive map. I then pointed out to him that I actually have such a map embedded on my site at the “Where’s Stephen?” link and its own google maps page.  The original idea of this map and page was to track on an ongoing basis where I have been traveling. This map was great when I was first building it, but as I have been adding places to it, I have become somewhat dissatisfied with it. Google places a limit on how many pins can be on a single map page, and this was causing people to miss out on map points. So I dusted off the maps API and called forth the geek inside and learned how to make cluster maps that show the number of places visited at larger scales, but when zoomed into show the individual points. You can check it out here at the new “Where’s Stephen?” page. It is just a start, more of a technology demo for now. But in the future, I plan to link each place to a blog category that will show all posts related to that place, among other goodies. Stay tuned.