I had an odd dream last night that I only remember part of, but here it is. I was helping out to build some sort of “Out West” amusement park or fairground in a dust bowl type area. We had built a tall sign that could be seen from a great distance away advertising the place. ¬†One of the main features of it was a kind of wading/smimming pool that we were adding shinyness to, so that it would be more fun and attractive to people. We tried various things to increase the shiny quality of the water, and then settled on a kind of dissolved silver. We spent a fair amount of time mixing the silver in the water, and were really happy with the result, the water was looking beautiful and enticing, and people starting arriving from everywhere to attend the fair and wade around in the water. And then we remembered that silver absorbes really easily through the skin and could be very poisonous. Then I woke up.