I had a strange dream last night where I was planning some big espionage mission with a partner, we were meeting in Malaysia at the top of a very tall building from which we could see another city in the distance. It took forever to get to the top of this building, and there were many people with me climbing up lots of stairs and taking several elevators. We were discussing the plans, I think it was something highly illegal, and my partner had the much more dangerous task to accomplish, while I had to catch a flight to some other place to do my part. I realized I was running late and started saying my goodbyes to the people assembled on the roof, and it was awkward because some of them I knew better than others, and they were from a variety of cultures, so I wasn’t sure at each person whether to shake hands, or hug or kiss or simply nod and wave. This seemed to take forever, but I finally finished and headed off to catch my flight. The airport I was running through was vast and a strange open air plan with just a kind of roof shed over the whole thing, but no walls. As I was running across the grand space, I could not find any info about my flight, and the ticket I had in my hand had the info hand-scrawled on it, very hard to read. I finally found a panel that showed my flight number, leaving at 3:05pm. I looked at my watch and realized it was exactly 3:05, I was late and started running in the direction of the flight, asking people where to go. I could not find my airline, which from the messy handwriting on the ticket I thought was called “Mercury”, but in fact a young woman working there told me, it was “Pasadena”.  I ran towards the flight which was probably taking off without me in that very moment, and then I woke up.