Perhaps it is in anticipation of my impending birthday tomorrow, but I got itchy fingers looking at my closet earlier today. To my eyes, it was cluttered with unused junk. Usually around once a year I go through and get rid of stuff that I haven’t used in a year, but for some reason this closet in my room seems to have accumulated more crap over a longer period, and it was suddenly sticking in my craw. I threw away that massive TV box that I for some reason have kept for two years (for some vague fear of having to move, or what, I can not honestly say). I threw away some old bills and statements. I got rid of various slings and wrappings and devices used to help me get through my shoulder surgery of late 2010. I got rid of a few coats, a bunch of t-shirts, some ugly worn winter wear, an old set of sheets and 2 pairs of shoes, all stuffed into an old laundry duffel that I will deliver tomorrow to some charity. I always feel more whole the less I have.  Tomorrow I plan to take the whole day off from work (please, no “emergencies” from any of my clients tomorrow) and think about the process of aging and stuff.