Testing the not-at-all user friendly facebook WP plugin…


I have long been looking for an easy way to auto post to facebook from my blog instead of the manual process I go through currently. I have tried various plugins, but they all fell short for a variety of reasons. Either they were tied to some other company’s system (and advertising), or they didn’t post correctly, or they were such a hassle to “automate” that going the manual route didn’t seem so bad. So when I heard that Facebook themselves had just released a “comprehensive” WordPress plugin, I was excited to try it out. It is not for the faint of heart, I can tell you that. I am a very technical person, and the hoops one needs to navigate for this solution make it extremely unlikely to be used by the casual blogger, which is a shame. This SHOULD be something easy to setup, but as designed, it is a nightmare. It requires one to:

1. Sign up as a developer at facebook (which I had already done a while ago, so)

2. Create an “app” for this purpose (which I had already done once before, so I figured why not extend that a little)

3. Fill out a plethora of ill-labeled and meaningless forms, and if that wasn’t enough of an insult,

4. Go through a series of byzantine steps to add “actions” to your “open graph”, and then submit those actions for approval, with no damn feedback from facebook about how long the process should take, etc.

Suffice it to say that by step 4 I wanted to strangle the assholes at facebook for trying to pass off this plugin as anything approaching user-friendliness. But I was too far down the rabbit hole at the end of step three, pulling my hair out wondering why oh why it would not publish to my timeline, so I pressed on like a wounded war soldier, hoping for allied light in the distance.

Facebook just informed me via email that my “actions” have been approved, so here goes…will this publish to my timeline as hoped…?


  1. Stephen says:

    it did! Now if I could figure out a way to integrate facebook comments without losing my own…