Summer storm


One of the things I always missed about the Midwest and East Coast regions when I lived all those years in California was the presence of intense thunderstorms in the summertime. To see really raging storms with wind and intense, jagged lightning bolts striking the ground, and then the crash of thunder — these were things we never really experienced in San Francisco or LA. I got a small taste of that yesterday on my way to meet a friend for coffee. The wind started to pick up and the humidity and temp changed pretty rapidly with the fast approaching storm. I couldn’t help but smile at the memories of past storms and the refreshing embrace of the climate around me. The lightening was intense and close by, and the loud thunder followed soon after. I know some people are frightened by it, but to me it seemed more like an old friend showing off than something menacing. I made it to the cafe just before the worst of the downpour, and I loved watching all the people take shelter inside and wait out the rain, there was something really communal about it.