How camp am I?


Tomorrow I am going camping for the first time in a long time. I have recently given a lot of thought to the need to get out more from my solitary freelance office/home, and do more group activities. When the opportunity presented itself on facebook at almost the precise moment of these musings, I thought it had to be a sign from the universe. The fact that it is a camping trip and I can count on barely more than one hand my lifetime adventures in camping may make it seem anĀ improbableĀ fit for me. But I am nothing if not willing to jump into the new and unexpected, so here goes. It doesn’t hurt that this is a gay camping trip, which of course lends double entendre to the entire endeavor known as “camping”. I will be gone for three glorious days of sleeping in tents, river kayaking, campfire stories, eating s’mores, and uncertain hygiene. Wish me luck!