Parents in town


My parents have been in town the last few days visiting, and we have taken the opportunity (as we always do) to eat some great food (trying out some new restaurants) and walk around the city a bit. On Thursday night we went to a place called ilili for Lebanese food that was really spectacular. Every dish was nuanced and incredibly delicious. Last night we went to a place called Craft that is always on the best-of lists, and it was very very good, but really did not hold a candle to ilili in my opinion. This morning we went to the always excellent Whitehall for brunch with Josh and Michael, and tonight we will go see the revival (new staging, whatever) of Porgy and Bess on Broadway. All in all, a very New York trip for my parents.

They leave tomorrow, and I will be spending the next week starving off the pounds acquired while they were here, catching up with work, and preparing for the inevitable arrival of summer.