Time in a bottle


I was with a few people going on a trip, one of them was a friend of my friend Olaf. He was going to take me somewhere and Olaf would meet us later, but Olaf was yelling at him for not preparing something correctly and for running out of time. There were a couple of people who were experimenting with strange little glass jars that contained mini fusion reactors or something. They were very volatile but there was sometimes, if done properly, a time differential inside the jar that was different from the outside. One guy was explaining how he had saved 17 minutes in this glass jar, but he seemed a little dim like he didn’t really know what he was doing, he was just watching the other scientists who knew better. Just then the glass in his hand exploded and we were all knocked down to the floor and back in time 17 minutes. Later we were at a dinner and this colleague of mine, a woman I respected very much, told me she had just lost her job. And then we heard a report that all over the world the economic situation for people that lived next to rivers was very bad, they were all struggling. My colleague was sadly, slowly brushing her teeth and preparing to leave when I woke up.


  1. Peer-Olaf says:

    Not only do I live next too a river … And so do you , but I don’t remember ever yelling at you… At least not for a 17 minute loss of time….