Various friends in town


Over the past few days I have been delighted to spend some time (in between work that is) with two friends that were in town briefly. First was my friend Ruthbea, in town from Boston with her Mom and kids. We had a group dinner with a bunch of Ruthbea’s friends Friday night on the UWS. There was a lot of wine and a lot of talk about kids. I went up a bit early for a little bit of quality time with Ruthbea, I only wish we had had more of it alone, it is hard to catch up in a group setting.  After that, my friend and former roommate Jose arrived for a 2 day visit starting Sunday. We wandered the Highline and Chelsea area a bit while he was here, watched some TV, took in some good restaurants and chatted about politics, philosophy, and the general breakdown of American culture. It was lovely seeing old friends, but now I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.