Windy City blues


I was in Chicago for a singing audition for a new commercial jingle, and they told me that my part sounded great, but the other part (performed by other people) sounded terrible. The problem was that they had all the power and were not about to include my part. I was calling the corporate guys to get approval on my part, but the phone line kept getting cut. They were a group of mean girls stopping it from happening, and I decided to go on vacation. A lot, I was going on a lot of vacations. And on my way to the airport, I got on a call with my boss to tell him I was leaving, but then someone called in on the other line. It was my friend Jonny in Geneva who told me that his friend had clubbed his loud dog to death and that he would not be trusting him any more, no sir. But he said it in a laughing way, like he thought the entire thing was very funny. And then I woke up.