Taxi of later this afternoon


The NY Times has a piece about the new cab design that won the “Taxi of Tomorrow” competition last year and will be rolled out as the official new taxi design for the next ten years. While there are some welcome changes including more room, elimination of the middle bump, better individual climate control and USB chargers, there are also a lot of stupid design decisions that I hope they manage to change before this goes through. Notably:

– These vehicles need better access, they will be more difficult to get into for the elderly and disabled.

– What idiot thinks it is a good idea to do away with openable (roll-down or automatic) windows? There goes a pleasant taxi ride in spring when one wants to feel the breeze on one’s face. There goes the ability to use the wind as AC instead of destroying the environment. And there goes the ability of many late night partiers to quickly throw up outside the confines of the cab, rather than in.

– And although this is but an aesthetic quibble, these things scream “soccer mom“.

– Let’s hope the photo below is not current, because they also really need to get rid of their stupid light system. I don’t give a rat’s ass if the driver is off duty, I only need to know if a cab is available or not available. (Please let this story be true.)

put on your mom jeans and get inside