Meet RoboSpot, the consumer earthquake dog.


I was with my parents on vacation in a collection of beautiful but decaying buildings and a kind of shopping mall that sprawled on forever. There were a large group of people we were meeting there.  For some reason, we bought a dog that was controlled by an object that looked like a metal detector that we had to carry around with us everywhere. With this item, we could call and track the dog with a signal.  There were lots and lots of weird items that we were buying and comparing with people, mostly sheets and towels and odd nicknacks for the home.  Then it was time to leave and it seemed to take us forever to get our stuff together and ready (the items, the dog who kept hiding, saying goodbye to the neighbors) to leave.  We kept forgetting things and having to go back for them.  And then we were finally on our way out, walking through the remains of several buildings and then across the rooftop of a building when suddenly an earthquake happened. But it was an odd, rolling, slow motion kind of earthquake. Everything started to shake and fall apart, but in a very slow moving kind of way. We kept looking for structure to hide under, and I was worried I would be trapped, not sure whether to get outside or stay under a building shelter that was crumbling. Then it stopped, we were ok and I woke up.