I have been getting a lot of great feedback on and contacts from my new site, and I am thrilled. It has been picked up by a few design sites, and this has resulted in a fairly large traffic spike. One of the gratifying things in building it is seeing how far I’ve come in the last 3 years. There are all kinds of programming and design skills I have acquired in that time. And with the experience, the time necessary for me to complete projects has likewise gone down, making me a better bargain for my clients (since at least for now, my rates haven’t moved). When one is going about one’s daily business, these things can be somewhat invisible, as they are incremental. But building my new site and portfolio have made them come into focus, and while pleased with what I have learned, can see how very much more there is to learn. There are a host of truly amazing designers and programmers out there that inspire me daily. What I love about the web so much is how open it is to sharing. There are thousands of places to learn from and borrow from and get direct help with problems. It is obvious that this spirit of sharing results in an explosion of creativity and progress (much of which would be undone by hateful laws like SOPA).