Stephen’s Index 2011


Months spent out of the country: 2.5

Emails received: 14572

Emails sent: 5138

Number of broadway shows seen: 4

Number of movies seen: 26

Percent viewed in a theater (vs at home): 46

Number of times someone indicated they liked my profile on OK Cupid: 147

Number of first dates: 57

Number of boyfriends: 0

Number of times groceries were delivered: 34

Number of new facebook friends: 83

Number known before: 20

Percent of new ones actually corresponded with: 6.3

Number of separate occasions on which I saw family members: 6

Average yearly number before moving to New York: 1

Number of times lunch appointments appear in my calendar: 36

Friends from LA who visited this year: 3

Other US states I visited this year: 2

Number of websites worked on: 24