I can really be a nerd sometimes


Perhaps it is because I have many friends that live outside the US, or because I am at heart an internationalist, but I often have to make quick conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius when discussing things as mundane as, well, the weather. Since I have a lot of experience doing this off the cuff, I am usually pretty accurate to a degree or so. But niggling doubts nevertheless remain in my head, usually resulting in a trip to the weather widget on my dashboard, to change the degree type and reload to see how close I was. I have been thinking it would be great if there was a weather widget that displayed both at the same time, but I haven’t yet found one, despite a few searches.

So today I thought I would learn something about how widgets are made. I opened the code and found it really wasn’t that difficult to rewrite a few things, and voila! I give you the all-degree widget:



Btw, I was debating whether to use the term “nerd” or “geek” in this post title. “Geek” had a lot going for it as Wikipedia provides one definition as:

“a computer expert or enthusiast”

But when I saw that their definition of “nerd” was

“intelligent but socially awkward and obsessive person who spends time on unpopular or obscure pursuits, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities”

it seemed to fit better in this context (n’est-ce pas?).


  1. Mom says:

    Nice Widget!

  2. Robert Bentley says:

    Engineers; prefer Kelvin (Where’s the Kelvin Scale ?)