Black Friday, indeed


What can I say about the orgy of consumerism represented by Black Friday that hasn’t been said before? Watching the local news (and national news) is all about the state of consumer spending in this country. Every story is about retailers, and fat ass shoppers loading up on more crap that will fill our landfills in a few short months. Why can’t we see how unsustainable this is? Why do we as a culture want to buy stuff we don’t need today and won’t want tomorrow?  What void are we trying to fill with ever more stuff?

Other than that, and not to sound all gloom and doom, it has been nice being back in Indiana with my family. We have been hanging out, catching up, eating, drinking and making some merry. Tonight the gays (family and friends, there are a lot of us) will be meeting up for a night out on the town.


  1. Fauzi says:

    Happy thanksgiving :) sounds like u r having a great time- its all what this weekend is all about – family – & I sure miss my US family about right now –