Church of the poison mind


We (I think I was with my aunt, but I am not sure) were in a very old, impossibly large cathedral with an old sound system that was not working. There were many ancient, small wooden rooms on a kind of balcony level that people (including us) were staying in, and there were cobwebs over every thing that we were continually removing. This seemed like a place abandoned by a previous civilization, and the words that were coming through the sound system were being used to control people. What we heard were static-like voices, not very clear, but that were nonetheless keeping us in a kind of trance state, doing the bidding of the people in charge that were issuing commands about all sorts of things. Somehow, I discovered a way to fix the old system, and then people had control over what was playing on it, which consisted of very old recordings of music and speeches. At the same time this woke them up to what had been happening and brought them out of their trance state, freeing them from the control. Everyone was very happy, and then I woke up.