Stuff I never use but am still forced to buy


At the top of this list would be voice minutes on my cell phone. I have the cheapest plan one can get with an iPhone at 450 minutes, and AT&T won’t offer any lower amount. Because I don’t talk all that much, and more often than not use Skype or other internet phone services or email, I never exceed 100 minutes of usage a month. AT&T (and other carriers) are dying a slow death, and will not give up on their cash cows like this and the ridiculous amount they charge for sms. And because all the big carriers collude with each other, there are no great options, no real competition.

Next would undoubtedly be all the lame sports channels (among others) from my cable provider. It would be great if one could select the channels one wants to receive and just pay for those, but no.

I could go on, but will stop here in honor of one of the best known (yet simultaneously mediocre) complainers of all time, Andy Rooney, who died today at age 92.