Leaving betrayal for the green hills


I was with a friend and we were walking around a really cool bunch of buildings, mostly houses, exploring them. We got separated and I was then inside one of them and led to a room along with a family (father, mother, boy and girl — all dressed in black) that was also visiting. The family was asked to sit down and I was asked to take umbrellas as props to a man in this room who was going to tell his life story to the family. Suddenly there was another woman in the room, directing me to hand the man umbrellas which he would use to point at things while he told his story. And then it seemed this woman was my grandma and the man telling the story was my grandpa, but neither of them looked anything like my grandparents. The man was telling his story until at one point the woman (my grandmother) stopped and yelled out “And then you cheated on me! Tell them!”. The family got all quiet and it was a bit awkward. My grandmother explained that it had happened in 2003 (after they were dead btw, but dream logic is like that) and even though they had reconciled, she was still pissed. After that, I left to find my friend but couldn’t, and I was kind of angry with him for taking off like that. When we finally did find each other, he was with another person and we all got on bikes to ride down very steep but peaceful roads meandering through grassy green hills. The feel of the air rushing by was perfect and beautiful. At a certain point it was clear that we were leading a group of kids back from a trip, and we split up with each of us taking a separate group of kids back to their homes, each in a different sector of the city. As I led my group towards the downtown area, I woke up.


  1. Mom says:

    I’m beginning to think I somehow traumatized you when you were young. You have the WEIRDEST dreams! (And believe me, if anyone would have cheated, it would have been grandma….just saying…)

  2. Sara says:

    I have a whole different take on this dream… typically one imagines grandparents to be good and not people who would betray one another. It is as if the dream is saying that when someone seems really wonderful (a friend or a lover or grandparent) things may not be as they appear- you will find out they are unfaithful / not to be completely trusted (like the grandparents found out)… you can’t truly depend on anyone- no matter how wonderful they may seem. One can still have a pleasant time with others but you cannot give yourself completely.

    Or, maybe your mom just totally messed you up as a child. Just kidding!