Is this something I should see a doctor about?


My awful memory strikes again. Last night, I was walking along 34th street on my way home from a strenuous evening helping my friend Boris move into his new apartment. I was really exhausted and sweaty from moving all the boxes, and I suppose this will partially be my excuse for what happened next. As I am making my way towards 9th ave, I see a guy standing on the corner who motions to me. As I get closer, I see that it is someone I recognize, but I can’t immediately place. Not being sure of how I even know him, I am a little distant, asking vague questions to try to jog my memory while at the same time not giving away that I have no idea who he is. I tell him (quite truthfully) that I am tired  and need to head home, and I bid him a polite but distant farewell. On my way home I rack my brain for the context….is he a friend of a friend, someone I had a date with a long time ago, someone I talked to online? I have a couple of suspicions, and start to go online to try to match faces. It takes a while, but then I finally have a match. And I am really embarrassed, this is someone I should have recognized, even though I haven’t seen him in a really long time. When have talked online, but matching faces online with living, breathing ones can be a stretch sometimes.  And context is everything. See the person you see in one context out and about in another, and it can be much more difficult for your brain to put it all together. At least mine, apparently.


  1. Boris says:

    … That’s what happens when people don’t look like their pictures! :) PS So sorry I broke you. ‘Twas an intense move.