I went to see a new film yesterday called (appropriately) “Weekend“. As you might imagine, the entire story takes place over a single weekend, and deals in a no frills, intimate way with the beginning of a relationship. It explores what happens when two people meet and get to know each other, coming to terms with their differing outlooks and perspectives. The film for me was definitely more than the sum of its parts, even though it was the parts I focused on. The almost always close in camera shots. The use of sound and more importantly overlaid sounds that obscured the dialog to great effect. The honesty about gay sex and how it is portrayed inside (to the gay community) and outside (to the straight world), even though the sex acts themselves were highly abbreviated. The simple moments of kindness. The honest, messy back and forth of getting to know someone. The simple ways drugs and alcohol can affect how people interact with each other. In short, the film was highly naturalistic, with a vulnerable tenderness that well conveys what connecting with someone is really like.