Back to it


I’ve been on a bit of a break from writing the past couple of weeks. I wish I could say that it was just because I was just too busy, but that isn’t really the case. Sometimes I am motivated and sometimes I am not. I was in a period of no general writing desire and a slight funk for no discernible reason. I feel a bit more engaged now, and will be trying to be more reliable with updates. Last night was all about the EV and LES, as I first attended a friend’s (Michelle) birthday cocktail get together at a lovely little place called Mary Queen of Scots. The snacks, along with the drinks, were great (I especially recommend the Devils on Horseback). After one too many drinks there, I was off to a late-ish dinner at a place called Perbacco on east 4th. I really love it when odd groupings of friends that don’t know each other get together, and last night in addition to the regulars (Fabian and Craig), we invited along two friends of mine, Matthias (who I met in Hamburg this summer and who is visiting NYC this week) and my old friend Tom (who I used to work with in LA many years ago, lives here now, and I don’t get to see often enough). The food at the restaurant was really yummy, and although ostensibly an Italian restaurant and heavily influenced by Italian cuisine, it was rather more inventive than that. To give but one example, the starter I had (Crème brulée di Parmigiano Reggiano) was an amazing cross of several cultures, savory and sweet flavors, and full on yum. Highly recommended. It has been surprisingly warm and humid, with on and off rain for the past few days, but it was very pleasant last night after dinner as we walked several avenues across town to work off our dinner a bit before getting in the subway and heading north and home.