The end of the path


Today Arnaud and I walked from his place to the Regent’s Canal in Islington, and quite a long ways along it, ending up in Victoria Park. It was all part of London I hadn’t seen before, continuing the themes of my entire trip here. After that, I visited my old travel buddy Juliette who lives in Finsbury Park and who I haven’t seen since our last travel adventure together in Peru almost three years ago. After some tea and company at her place (and waiting out the rain) I met up with Arnaud again for a delightful Sunday evening London institution called The Dame Edna Experience at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, something that had to be seen to be believed. And as a final, and sweet goodbye to London, we biked back to his place just as the sun was setting, past the crowds by the London Eye, along the river front, and back to Arnaud’s place. With the slight chill in the air, and knowing that I am leaving tomorrow, I felt just a twinge of sadness, like when I was a kid and it was the end of summer. I am very much looking forward to going home tomorrow, but it is always a little melancholy to leave a place where you know and love people, even if you are going to another.


  1. Robert says:

    I’m assuming that the “Dame Edna” experience is in fact
    “Dame Edna Everidge” and her partner (in comedy) “Dame
    Hilda Bracket”.

  2. Robert says:

    I must correct my first comment, since I was getting confused
    with all the characters;

    Dame Edna Everage is a solo act. (The Dame Edna Experience)

    Dame Hilda Bracket was part of the comedy duo “Hinge & Bracket”
    (Dame Hilda Bracket and Dr. Evadne Hinge)


  3. Stephen says:

    Not to worry, this act is neither. Just a drag performer that models her act a bit on Dame Edna Everage, and sings (with an amazing voice).