More random notes about London


– The 9 year old boy in me can’t stop snickering when hearing words like “Cockfosters”

– There is an odd trend I have noticed a bunch while here. Men in overly modish running gear with backpacks on, running through crowds on their way somewhere. They are not running all that fast, and seem to be more about displaying themselves than any actual exercise or getting anywhere. I have spotted at least 8 of them while here over the past week.

– London is so spread out that it makes socializing somewhat less likely inter-area. It is always a lot more effort and time to get from one side of the city to another. In New York, it is relatively easy to get from one area to another in short time and thus makes it more likely that people from various neighborhoods will mix.

– Reinforcing the separateness noted above, how can a city as large and cosmopolitan as London stop running the tube so damn early? This makes it rather a pain to get home from wherever one is out and about.

– On the other hand, they seem to be investing a lot in their stations and infrastructure (and technology associated with it) while New York stagnates in this area.

– I believe the measure known as the pint is in large measure responsible for the incredible amount of drinking that goes on here. redefining it to 2/3 of the existing size (I propose “New Pint”) would result in much less public drunkenness, vomiting, and general puffy redfacedness.


  1. Robert says:

    Let us not forget, that; the Imperial Pint is 1/5 larger than
    its american counterpart. (20 fl oz’s, to the US 16 fl oz)