Random London Notes


– I love the visual display and packaging of food at Marks & Spencer’s and Waitrose.

– Although there is a ton of pork and other meat, there seems to be very little beef for sale in these places, could it be due to the Mad Cow scare a few years ago?

– The British (and some other Euros) seem baffled by properly working plumbing, mixing of hot and cold water, etc. And I am baffled by them being baffled.

– Is there really a need for plugs to be so big here?

– I love digestive biscuits, even though they are really without any health merit. (most especially the dark chocolate covered ones)

– Public transport is far too pricey here.

– Why can’t American yogurt be as good as British (and French, and Italian) yogurt?

– Why can the British have such reasonable debates on radio and television, while the Americans can’t seem to raise the level of discourse beyond sound bites and willful ignorance?

– When the weather is hot here (admittedly, somewhat rare), it is hellish on the underground.

– The British Museum is fantastic



  1. Olaf says:

    The Brits are notorious for their excentric plumbing. My first date with a brit ended in a shower, that was taken in a bathtub with a rubber-hose attached to the hot and cold faucet.