Prime Meridian


This trip has been great for viewing London from a variety of angles. Yesterday in the morning, Arnaud and I met up with Sonia and daughter Aimie for a lovely little walk down Brick Lane, through the flower market to Shoreditch, and over to Hoxton Square for a lite bite before saying our farewells. After that, we made our way to Greenwich (which I had strangely never been to before) for a bbq filled with very nice people and very nice food. Along the way we picked up friends Simon and Guillaume, and all got rather sloshed at the bbq due to a few too many glasses of wine. Several hours later and a bit giddy, we headed back to the center, but took a route through the park and over to the famous Greenwich observatory and meridian line for a bit of geeky pleasure and a fantastic view over london in the early evening sunset.