Party in the sky over London


The last couple days in London have been quite social, as I have tagged along on Arnaud’s social schedule. Friday night was a mini house warming at his new apartment, and last night we went to a rather fun party in a rather interesting apartment on the 25th floor of the rather famous Trellick Tower. (Note my very rather British use of the word “rather” wherever possible.) One almost never gets a view from that high up over London, it was quite instructive and surprising.  The tower itself was built at a time when these types of urban developments were falling (rightly so) out of favor, but as there are so few of these types in existence in London, it makes for an interesting visit. And as these things go, this building has a lot of nice architectural details and innovations, and has therefore been what the Brits call “listed” (which is when a historic building is in protected status). Outside of that, I have been exploring the strange conglomeration of buildings and willy-nilly development that make up the old city sector in which Arnaud lives, and it has been fascinating. London is clunky in fascinating way that few other cities are.