A jumble of London


If you ever have the chance to fly out of the Florence airport, take my advice: go to Pisa. I have rarely witnessed that spectacular a level of disorganization. I did make it safely to London, however, and landed for the very first time at London city airport. One thing I will say for this airport, getting into the city from it is far cheaper than any other London airport. For just 4 pounds I was able to get to my destination, riding first the DLR (and for the first time), followed by the┬áregular┬átube. Somehow after just coming from Italy, people seemed rather dreary and dour to my eyes, a little sad to be honest. I got off at Angel station in Islington, a part of London I had never really seen before, despite my many many trips here. This is my friend Arnaud’s new neighborhood (he just moved a few weeks ago), and it has a lot of charm. I think I will really enjoy exploring the area and getting a new view on London. By coincidence, my ex-boyfriend George happens to be in town as well, and we met for Lunch today near Covent Garden. So far, the food in London is nothing to write home about (despite me doing just that here), but I am hopeful we will find better restaurants befitting a cosmopolitan city.