Lucca, and driving in Italy


Continuing our exploration of close-by towns in the region, we headed for Lucca yesterday. It is quite a bit smaller than Florence, and less touristy, which makes it a very pleasant place to visit. Especially cool is the intact city wall that surrounds the town. It has a wide path at the top that you can walk or bike on, and we had a lovely stroll around the town with fantastic views. The density of the interior of the city was a little less than I expected, and the building heights a little lower. In a few short hours we got a really nice feel for this beautiful little city, and I highly recommend a visit.  I have decidedly less nice things to say about Italian drivers, several of whom we had to confront on the road back to the villa. They seem to be playing a game of crazy drunken chicken with the other drivers, bobbing and weaving while speeding, smoking, and talking on the phone. In particular, I had a real asshole in a semi baring down on me yesterday while we were heading towards an exit. With a car going slowly in front of me, there was nowhere I could go, but that didn’t stop him from getting within two inches of my ass. After a few minutes of this not very fun game, I thought I should let him know that I didn’t take too kindly to his antics, and helpfully opened my window to give him the international sign of my middle finger. This seemed to enrage him and he started honking and weaving dramatically, further impressing on me  my new conviction that Italians should never be allowed near heavy machinery of any sort.

From Lucca