Pesto, Panna Cotta, and Palaces


We have only been in Genoa a few short hours (and it probably doesn’t hurt that we are drunk), but we are completely charmed and surprised by this city. We got in around 5 and asked the hotel for a recommendation for a good Pesto, because this is apparently the birthplace of the dish we know and love. The route that google maps had us take to the restaurant was through a pretty seedy area, but I kind of liked it. Genoa has incredible history but it doesn’t seem all that cleaned up like Florence or Venice, it seems still gritty, and with an incredible density to the old urban core. You can imagine it still living a bit the way it must have been hundreds of years ago. The pesto was perhaps the best I have had in my life (and the panna cotta for dessert definitely so), and on the way back to the hotel (which is near the train station) we took another route, down the Via Garibaldi (a UNESCO world heritage site) which was stunning. We will try to explore a little bit tomorrow morning before heading out, as this was really just a stopover city, but it definitely has a certain appeal…

From Genoa