What is the train version of highway robbery?


After a 4 hour somewhat stark train journey from Hamburg to Köln, I was happy to note that my second train, a Thalys bound for Paris, had internet access on board. It is only free for first class however. Those in second (comme moi) need to pay, and how. The cost of internet for the 3 hour trip is $18! I think I could have upgraded to première for that. I of course paid it anyway as I was bored out of my mind and thought I might get some work done. For that price, one should expect flawless service, n’est-ce pas? It is, sadly, très flawed. Every couple of minutes it disconnects, and takes ages to load even simple web pages. I highly recommend avoiding the Thalys internet magouille if at all possible (ie, if you aren’t an internet addict like me). For my part, I am focusing on the adventure ahead and seeing my friends and family over the next few days…



  1. Kevin says:

    Railway Robbery?